Xbox series X : The next Big thing Announced

Xbox Series X First look

Microsoft new Xbox Series X officially announced

Microsoft announced the next Xbox officially via a short teaser during The Game Awards 2019 – Xbox Series X. The machine, earlier known by it’s code name Project Scarlett, will be launching next holiday season i.e. in 2020, and will also deliver an updated version of the Xbox remote controller.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Compared to other gaming consoles, it looks more like a PC. It is vertically oriented, sharing design frame with the Xbox one X. The console was teased with footage of Master Chief, A Car from Forza and a Soccer game — presumably either FIFA or PES.

Xbox Series X - Power and Performance

In a blog post, Xbox chief Phil Spencer presented Xbox Series X as “our fastest, most powerful console ever”, asserting it will set a new bar in execution and speed. Spencer reveals to GameSpot that the Series X will offer around four times more CPU execution than the Xbox One and twice as much GPU control as the Xbox One X. That should put the Series X at around 12 teraflops of graphical execution, which is up there with probably the quickest PC GPUs accessible today. The Series X is a cumbersome box, however I don’t expect there to be tremendously squandered space inside.

The specifications of the machine were uncovered not long ago, it will include its custom AMD Zen 2 processor, fit for conveying visuals at 4K resolution and at 60 frames for every second, with the possibility of 120fps rates and supporting 8K shows. The machine includes a solid-state drive which enables quicker loading times and processing. As indicated by Microsoft, it tends to be stood vertically or on a level plane. The Xbox Series X is likewise set to offer in reverse similarity with Xbox One and past Xbox machines.

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